Microphone Frequency Response Plot
Measurement Services: Microphone Characterization

Cross·Spectrum is pleased to offer microphone frequency response measurements. This service is geared to DIY'ers and amateurs who wish to document the performance of their microphones. This service may also be useful to professionals, corporations and municipalities who wish to analyze the performance of their microphones without paying exorbitant calibration fees.

For DIY'ers and hobbyists:

Using swept-sine testing methods, we will measure the on-axis response of your microphone and pre-amplifier relative to a NIST-traceable reference microphone. We will provide a report documenting the measurement results (Sample Report (PDF)). We may also be able to provide you with a microphone calibration file for use with various audio measurement software programs. For your convience, you can purchase microphones or sound level meters via our online store and have them shipped directly to us for characterization. Please contact us for more details.

We also sell calibrated Behringer measurement microphones.

For professionals and manufacturers:

In addition to on-axis free field measurements, we can measure other characteristics for your microphones including:

  • Polar Response
  • Output Impedance
  • A-weighted Noise Floor (down to 17 dBA)
  • Microphone Sensitivity

Our microphone measurements are performed using quasi-anechoic techniques, so high-frequency ripple will be present in narrow-band frequency response. Please contact us if you require anechoic measurements.

The pricing for quasi-anechoic free-field on-axis microphone measurement services is $55 per microphone, which includes the cost of return shipping via USPS for customers in the continental United States. The price for the other microphone measurement services will depend on the combination of measurements required and the microphone to be tested. However, the price for all of the services listed above will generally not be more than $75 per microphone. We accept checks drawn on U.S. banks, as well as major credit cards through PayPal.

If you have any questions about the service, please contact us at (413) 315-5770 ext 701 or via email.

Please call or email us for delivery instructions

Please note that this service is not offered as an official 3rd party calibration service. Cross·Spectrum Labs is not an accredited calibration facility, and we offer this service for diagnostic and informational purposes only. If you require NIST-traceable calibration services, we encourage you to seek out an official acoustical calibration laboratory.

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