UMIK-1 microphone
Please READ Before Ordering -- UMIK-1 Pre-order

If you order without reading this, it will cost you money.

We have not offered UMIK-1 pre-orders for quite a while. We realize that this is frustrating to those of you that have missed out on purchasing microphones during the limited windows when they are available. We have adopted a policy of only taking orders when are reasonably sure we can ship product in a timely manner. When we have accepted pre-orders in the past, no matter how clear we try to underscore that this is a pre-order, there are always a few customers that, upon not receiving their mics within a few days following the order, issue a chargeback through their credit card company or PayPal without contacting us first.

This is difficult for us because payment processors like PayPal have been known to suspend accounts or freeze funds if a vendor is subject to even a small number of chargebacks. Rather than deal with this risk, we have elected to only sell products when we have inventory ready to ship.

Given the innumerable pre-order requests we've received lately, we are going to try something new. Please bear with us.

After placing a pre-order, you must use our contact form to send us a message confirming that you agree to the following (don't copy and paste, please rewrite in your own words -- it doesn't have to be a great work of literature, we just need confidence that you know what you are agreeing to):

  • You understand that this is a pre-order and that your microphone will not ship immediately
  • You understand that we are not committing to a shipping date and that microphones may not ship for weeks after the order is placed.
  • If you change your mind or have an issue/question about your order, you will contact us first and wait up to 48 hours for a response prior to any action with your credit card processor or PayPal.

If we do not receive a message acknowledging the above conditions within 24-hours of your order, the order will be canceled and money refunded (less PayPal processing fee).

We acknowledge that this requirement may seem infantile and silly. We are just trying to find a way to balance customer requests with our business needs. We hope you understand. Note that you are not giving up any consumer rights by agreeing to these conditions, you are still eligible to dispute the purchase with your credit card company or PayPal up to 60 days after the transaction.

(Limit 2 microphones per order)

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